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My heartfelt condolences to all affected by the most recent school shooting.

William G. Davis


"One of the best terrorism thrillers of the year..." Best


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Review from Best Thrillers

"One of the best terrorism thrillers of the year. David Baldacci fans may find a new favorite author in William G. Davis.

In an age when school shootings are all too common, and society grapples with what appear to be random acts of senseless violence, the mirror is often turned on American culture. But what if the cause was something far more sinister?

After a mass shooting devastates an exclusive Florida high school, retired homicide investigator Mike Gage is stunned to learn that he knew one of the teenage victims. Drawn into the tragedy on both a personal and professional level, he agrees to conduct a private inquiry on behalf of the victim’s families. To his utter shock, his investigation leads to a massive conspiracy threatening every man, woman and child in America.

With The Shooting, former Marine officer William G. Davis delivers one of the year’s most essential thrillers. While his concept is highly original, if not plausible, it’s his portrait of Mike Gage that impresses most. The loneliness of Gage’s retirement party is palpable, and his transformation into a private detective is both awkward and inspirational. The moment when he shows up to a crime scene in a Sheriff’s shirt that he’s no longer authorized to wear is priceless. In terms of complexity, Gage is reminiscent of David Baldacci’s tortured PI Amos Decker, although Davis uses no gimmicks other than the heavy tire tread of life to make us root for him.

Overall, The Shooting is a rare original that is ingenious in plot, deep on character and thrumming with suspense. You’ll be delighted by the answers to Gage’s thoughtful investigation, and when you turn the last page, you’ll be hoping like hell that Davis has another series novel in the works.

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Midwest Book Review

"... Impressively well written and showing a true flair for storytelling, author William G. Davis extraordinary novel "The Shooting" is an original and consistently compelling read from beginning to end. Very highly recommended..." 




5 Stars-Wish I Could Add About 10 More Stars to That Rating!!!!!

 By Cecile Croghan July 17, 2016

 Format: Kindle Edition

 I just finished reading this, the last of the 3 books in this series and I really really hope there will be more to come. The author was new to me when I started reading the first book in the series. As I read I started getting what I call that spark about a quarter of the way in. It’s the feeling I get when I start to realize I might have stumbled on to an unknown (to me) writer that is just right for me; great characters, excellent writing and a plot that pulls me in like I am right there with the characters. By the time I was at half mark that spark had become a roman candle and I was hooked. Now here I am at the end of the third book and while these books have certainly fulfilled my expectations where do I go now. I guess I will just have to hope enough people join me in yelling more more that the author will listen and give us more Mike Gage and Pelican Cove because I don’t see Mike going quietly into retirement, oh no not our Mike. So if you like your mystery hot and your detectives slightly battered then join me in enjoying the Mike Gage series and yelling Author Author!!!!


by Vigilant

Rating 5 stars out of 5
My overall impressions: intense, intriguing, captivating, fast but well-paced, well written, exciting.
Students Killer and Slayer enter their elite high school in Florida wearing camouflage gear. Without warning they stun the Homecoming Dance crowd by flashing guns and firing into the ceiling. From there the situation goes downhill leaving the shooters and innocent students wounded or dead.
Amid the suffering and despair of the survivors and relatives, a select group of wealthy parents hire investigator Mike Gage to learn why two kids from an affluent enclave attending a superior school environment would commit such depravity. As Mike's investigation evolves, he is stonewalled by local authorities and school officials.
Enter FBI agent Henry Wu. Henry is an agent who the bureau fields alone because of past job performance his superiors disapproved of. Henry puts Mike on his staff so they have more clout and the two of them work together to piece together a chilling sequence of events prior to the murders.

There are enough contradictions and evasive answers that Mike and Henry feel there is much more involved than two disgruntled students taking revenge on their peers.

As the plot develops, the trail to the truth expands to have national and international implications.
The editing of The Shooting is nearly perfect.
Those readers who have followed my reviews know I don't pass out five star ratings like throwing candy to children; authors have to earn and deserve high praise for great results. The Shooting is one of the most professional and well-crafted stories I've read, and I highly recommend it for all crime genre fans.
Congratulations to the author, William Davis.



5 out of 5 Stars

This is the third in the Mike Gage series. Although not the first, it is fine as a stand-alone. As always, it may not be required, but I do recommend reading them in order. This was also a new author to me. 

When the author sent me the book, he added a note telling me why he wrote this book all had to do with the shootings at Columbine. Little did he know that I also have a connection to that horrible crime. My sister and nieces were living in Littleton, Colorado at the time of the shootings. Another year and that could have been one of my nieces attending that school that day.

There are many differences between Columbine and this shooting at a Florida High School. Students 'Killer' and 'Slayer' enter the school during the Homecoming Dance. They spray bullets into the ceiling. What follows leaves both shooters and students either dead or wounded.

Amid the suffering and despair of the survivors and relatives, a select group of wealthy parents hire investigator Mike Gage to learn why two kids from an affluent enclave attending a superior school environment would commit such depravity. As Mike's investigation evolves, he is stonewalled by local authorities and school officials.

FBI Agent Henry Wu joins Mike in the search for answers. And what they find is much more involved .. and dangerous .. than they first thought.

This was an extremely well thought out and well written book. Reminiscent of today's school shootings, this takes the reader further into the minds of kids who kill.

The characters are drawn exact, children, yet not. The suspense is palpable. And the parents' grief rolled off the pages. I had to remember to stop and breathe every once in a while. And yes, I've already added Books 1 and 2 to my Wish List.

Many thanks to the author and Word Slinger Publicity who provided a copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


5 out of 5 Stars

By debbiejo on March 18, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

 Because of the number of school shootings in our country, this piqued my interest. It turned out to be so much more.

Mike Gage was a private investigator and former police officer. Now he was embarking on the next phase of his life. His fiancée, Laura, lived in Indiana and he was moving there to take on a security guard position with a casino. The past couple of years he'd been working for attorney, Vince Schiralli as an investigator.

Before he can leave, however, there's a school shooting and Vince's teenage daughter is killed. Vince and his wife, Val, are devastated and they want answers. They ask Mike to personally look into it to find out what happened.

Mike ends up working with FBI agent, Henry Wu. Searching for a motive, they begin to look into the shooters' backgrounds. They find Sean was being bullied by some of the jocks but was that enough to cause him to snap? The other kid, Jason, was on his way to becoming a pro golfer. He got along well with others, did well in school, so what led him to become withdrawn and moody lately? He broke up with his girlfriend and started spending time with Sean. And what about the strange message Jason had spray painted on the wall in the gym? Something about The Jihad Game? That and a warning about Eid all Adha coming?

The deeper they get into their investigation the more they're beginning to believe that something else was going on, something a lot bigger than kids seeking revenge or wanting to make a name for themselves.

This was a thriller from the get go. I really liked Mike. Once he got involved, he went at it whole heartedly, even though it meant putting his own plans on hold. However, his fiancée knows him and knows he couldn't walk away from his friend. Nor could he resist getting justice for their daughter. I also really liked Laura. She was an R. N. with two older kids, one of which Mike had rescued from kidnappers. She understood him so well and made sure she was there for him while he worked the case. She also reached out to Val and insisted on flying down to Florida to spend time with her. Henry Wu was also an interesting character. He wasn't arrogant like some agents are portrayed as being. Nor did he have any personal agenda. He was dedicated to the job and he'd known Mike from an earlier case and the two of them got along well.

This was fast-paced and kept me turning the pages in an effort to learn the outcome. I will certainly be looking for more to come involving these characters. And I'm excited to find another new author to enjoy.


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"Terriffic Reading!" 5 Stars

                    Midwest Book Review 

"Move over John Sanford!" 5 Stars

                          Southern Scribe

“Genres collide in this ambitious first novel by William G. Davis.  Imagine Dirty Harry Callahan making his day in the satanic shadows of the Sunshine State.  Cops, cults, cryonics, corruption, conspiracy, carnage:  PAGAN MOON packs mystery, suspense, police procedural and the supernatural into one tough punch.”

  Douglas E. Winter, award winning editor and author of RUN (Knopf)


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"Thriller of the week ..." 4 Stars


Someone is slaughtering famous people—a word-famous model, a Wall Street bigwig, a heavy metal rock star. All have been beheaded, a mysterious word carved into their torsos. An assassin is one the loose, wreaking vengeance on those who have abandoned an evil cabal. But investigators are in the dark as to that motive. And also in the dark is Mike Gage, an ex-homicide cop, who unbeknownst to him, holds the key to those killings. Summoned home to his father’s deathbed, he encounters his old sweetheart. As they rekindle their romance, Gage is savagely taken down by the FBI. He’s a murder suspect they tell him. But once Gage reveals the circumstances of that death and that what Gage knows might assist in solving the high profile murders, he’s retained to help the special unit assigned them. Pursuing the cases from New York City to Kentucky to Detroit to Chicago to Washington and back, Gage and the unit uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of government and society. Tracking down the killer, Gage must also deal with a long-lost love, strained family relationships, explosive racial tensions and being the killer’s next target.


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